How Can I Optimize My Product Data? How Can I Optimize My Product Data?

How Can I Optimize My Product Data?

As a JuniperMarket brand, optimizing your product data increases the likelihood buyers will find you on JuniperMarket. The buyer experience is also improved because clearly presenting product details instills buyer confidence and increases the likelihood of conversion. 

Make it a habit to optimize your product data. This can be done by quickly exporting it from WebManager and then reviewing the following product data headers.

What product data headers should I review & optimize? 

  • ItemName: Product names should be clear and intuitive. Buyers frequently search for products using common terms like “chair” or “candle.” Product names should say exactly what the product is and any unique characteristics that set it apart. Ensure all titles succinctly capture what the product is, and avoid including promo/discount info or Item/SKU numbers in the title field as this will hurt relevance
  • Description: Provide rich and detailed descriptions to explain and differentiate your product. Writing one or more descriptive sentences about your products is not only valuable to search results, it helps buyers feel confident enough to ultimately to buy, merchandise and sell it to their customers.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions help buyers under the exact size of your product.
  • OrderMinimumQuantity: If this is not populated, it defaults to 1. Set this appropriately so your order minimums are always met on the first add to cart & the orders does not have to be rejected / modified for not meeting your order minimum.
  • OrderMultipleQuantity: Selling products in cases or packs? Set this appropriately so products are added to the cart in the appropriate increments.
  • OnHandQuantity: This is required and if left blank will result in the product showing out of stock.
  • Category: Assign multiple levels of JuniperMarket categories to your products. Buyer searches often include category terms, and category filters are critical tools to help buyers narrow down to the specific items they need or want. Without categories, your products will appear in less results and will not be included in category filters.
  • BasePrice: Required. This is your wholesale price, ensure this is accurate & updated.
  • PriceLevel1: Recommended. This can be set as your MSRP / retail price to  communicate to buyers the suggested retail price.
  • PriceLevel 2 - PriceLevel20: Have different price levels for different customers? Take advantage of our 20 different price levels.
  • Weight: Recommended. If you are using our Ship with Juniper or Ship with a Preferred Carrier option, having weight data gives your buyer an accurate estimate of shipping costs on checkout versus the shipping price being TBD.
  • UDF1 - UDF5 & udf6 - udf20: UDF or user defined fields can be used for the product template & attribute mapping allowing you to display specifications on your product detail pages. Buyers can allow filter using style, color and materials.
  • AdditionalPhotos: Buyers love to see additional product imagery. If your images are not named after the ItemID, utilize this field to tie additional product images to ItemIDs.
  • AvailabilityDate: Populate the date products would be available. For example, if a product is not available until March 2024, you could populate 03/01/2024. If blank, this means the product is always available. JuniperMarket will soon have specific filters for availability date that buyers take advantage of. This field can only be updated in WebManager. 
  • PhotoName: Any product without a photo will not appear. Use the PhotoName column as a reference to what you should name a product image / photo.
  • isDeleted: Required. Ensure this is set to FALSE so products appear on JuniperMarket. If set to TRUE products will not appear on JuniperMarket.

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