Product Sets Settings Product Sets Settings

Within JuniperData manufacturers (single line vendors & multi-line rep agencies) can group different product items together creating a ‘product set’. 

This setting is where you can turn your JuniperData product sets on or off for JuniperMarket.

If you do not have product sets already, you will notice a button that will guide you to JuniperData to begin creating your product sets.


Once you have added Product Sets, you will notice four columns appear 

Product Sets

This column represents the products sets name.

# of Products

This column represents the number of products within that product set.


This column represents the description of the product set. 

Show On JuniperMarket

This column contains a toggle. When the toggle is clicked or tapped to the right, this will enable the product set to be shown on JuniperMarket



Learn more about creating JuniperData product sets


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