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Account Registration

You can start your registration journey by going to and clicking the sign-up button.

By clicking the second sign-up button, we can intelligently see if we can match your email in our market registration database or start to create a brand new JuniperMarket account for you.

🔐 For your security, upon sign up, you will be required a password that contains at least 8 characters, 3 characters need to be a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.

Account Verification Email

If you signed up via email, JuniperMarket needs to verify your identity. You will be sent an email confirmation.

Check your inbox for an email with the subject "Please verify your email address for JuniperMarket" and click the "verify my account."
Please check your promotions or spam/junk folder if the email is not in your inbox.

After you have verified your email, you will be brought to the page below. 

Company Information 

Please be prepared to provide the following information. A * indicates the information is not required. 

  • Company Name
  • Country of Incorporation
  • State of Incorporation 
  • Industry 
  • Products Sold *
  • Business ID * 
  • Business Type 
  • Annual Sales 
  • Are you part of a buying group?
  • Website URL 
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address 

It is important when you sign up to give updated & accurate information to ensure no delays in shipping or billing. 




Congrats on becoming a buyer!

For those users not yet approved in our market registration database, JuniperMarket will need to validate your business.

- You will still be able to search, discover, and explore brands and products on JuniperMarket.
- You will be notified by email once your account has been approved or once your status has been updated.


Account Registration Frequently Asked Questions

"My Account has the pending badge. How long does it take to get approved?"

Your account should be approved within 24 hours.


"My Account has the "email not yet verified" badge. How do I remedy this?"

When your email is not verified, you must complete the account verification form sent to your email address to ensure you are not a robot.





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