Admin Settings Overview Admin Settings Overview

Your JuniperMarket Seller Admin Settings is where you can update the settings that correspond to your JuniperMarket account, and how your brand will appear on JuniperMarket. 
Use the navigation tabs & icons to navigate the JuniperMarket Admin Settings.

Navigation Tabs

Learn more about each of these settings by following the links below 

Settings For Brands

Settings For Multiline Agencies / Rep Groups 

JuniperMarket Icon Guide

manage-dev.junipermarket.com_settings_profile__3_.png The information icons can be clicked or tapped to gain helpful tips. 
manage-dev.junipermarket.com_settings_profile__4_.png The media icons can be clicked or tapped to preview the corresponding media file.
mceclip0.png The edit icons can be clicked or tapped to edit the corresponding fields.
manage-dev.junipermarket.com_settings_product-template.png The trash can icons can be clicked or tapped to delete the corresponding field.





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