Product Template Settings Product Template Settings

Product Template settings allows you to customize the product description in the product detail page by adding custom text and selecting UDFs (user defined fields) that you want to show for your products.  The UDFs selected will appear as a bulleted list under "Specifications" on your product details.


For example, this product has specifications upc, piecebox, cubes, unit of measure, weight, dimensions...etc.

Use the manage-dev.junipermarket.com_settings_profile__1_.png icon to begin editing. You will notice three steps appear. 

Step 1: Map Product Descriptions To Any Field

This step is required. This is where you set your product descriptions. Want a different product description then your standard product description field? Take advantage of the UDFs or user defined fields. 

Step 2: Select User Defined Field(s) and Add Custom Label(s) 

This step is required. This is where you can set up to 20 UDFs and create custom labels. These are the bullet points that appear under the "Specifications" section.

Step 3: Add Custom Text

This step is optional. This text will be visible on all products. For example, "Made in the USA" 

Custom Title For Child Products

This will allow you to select a title for the products that will appear on the product detail page.

Once you have completed your updates, click or tap the Save button to save your changes. 



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