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Within the JuniperMarket portal, the shopping cart allows you to view all of your open carts in one simple layout.



Within this view you can easily switch between open carts and edit the selected cart.  To see the sales rep and their contact information associated to the account, select the sales rep icon  qa.junipermarket.com_shopping-carts_cart_1b5aabd0-f03e-43b3-8aff-a171e020c9a5_mid_978.png.




To add or subtract items, simply select the number below to add or subtract to the order, you can also use the up or down arrow to make changes to the quantity.



You can easily remove items from the cart by selecting "remove" and choosing "yes" to delete the item from your cart.




You also have the ability to add notes within the notes field. Simply click within the notes box and begin typing.



That's it for the shopping cart, now it's time to checkout!


**Please note: Before you check out, the button "go to checkout" will be disabled if the cart does not meet validation requirements such as order minimum, quantity on hand, or if the product is no longer available.




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