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Product Details - Authenticated

So you want to learn more about a product?  After logging in, click on the image of an item from the category page to reveal the product details page.  Product-specific details will be displayed, giving you a clear description of the product and all of its specifications.  Additionally, some information on the Product Details page is optional and will only display if the brand has provided that information.
Below we'll detail what is displayed in that authenticated view of the product details page.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the main image for the selected product. Clicking on the main image will show an enlarged version. Additional images, if available for the product, will be shown as thumbnails along with the main image. Clicking on the thumbnail image will enlarge the image.


On the right side of the screen adjacent to the image, the following product-specific details will be displayed moving from the top of the screen down:

  • Item ID (Item Number/SKU)
  • Item Name (Name of the product)
  • The Brand the displayed product is sold by
  • Your price for the item and MSRP if available

The icons to the right of the name of the product allow you to perform actions using this product's information. Listed below are the actions that can be taken.

  • View your sales rep contact information for this brand
  • Add to board - Add item to the favorites list or create a board for ease of organization and sharing
  • Share - You can email or print the product's details


  • Buy from: This will be a dropdown showing the brand(s) that sell this product. If a product is sold by multiple brands, you can then choose which brand to buy it from. Icons to the right of the brand name in the dropdown will show your access status with that brand

Listed below are the brand status icons and what they mean.

Brand_Access_logo.png You are approved to access and purchase products from this brand

pending_request_logo.png You have not yet been granted access to this brand's products for purchase, access is pending

Request_Access_to_Buy.png You do not have access to purchase from this brand, click the lock icon to request access


  • Description - A written description of the product, sometimes called romance copy
  • Specifications - Any additional information about the product that the buyer has provided


  • Volume Pricing - Discounted pricing based on bulk buying
  • Modifiers - Used to configure a product from a set of options (Note: If present, it's a required selection to allow the item to be added to the cart)
  • Available inventory - Shows the quantity that is available for the product
  • Add to Cart - Add or remove a quantity of the item in your cart based on the min. qty by clicking the up or down arrows or entering the desired number.  Click the Add to Cart button to place the chosen quantity in your cart
  • Min. Qty - Is the smallest quantity required to purchase an item


  • You might see one of the following headers: "shop the set", "related products", "associated products", "other sizes", "other options", or "frequently bought together". This is selected by the brand and can be used to show additional sizes, styles, or colors for the item...
  • You may also like - Related Items - Items related to the one you are currently viewing
  • Other products by... Other products from the brand you are currently viewing



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