Checkout Checkout
The first step of the checkout process is to select your shipping address. Here you can choose between one of your stored shipping addresses, edit an existing shipping address, or add a new shipping address. Click "continue" to the next step, shipping preferences.




You will then be presented with the shipping preferences screen. Here, you can associate your order to a PO number, select a preferred ship date, cancel date, or do not ship after date, as well as add notes to the seller regarding your order.
In some cases, you may be presented with available shipping rates, otherwise shipping will be determined after an order is accepted.




The next step will be to select a payment method. Here, you can choose your preferred payment method. Available payment methods may include credit card or terms defined by the seller.





Once you select a payment method and click "continue",  you will be able to review your order. You have the option to edit any of the fields (shipping, payment, or shopping cart) if needed.  Click "place order" to submit your order or you can decide to "checkout later".



Congrats, you placed your order!

Please note - you can always check the status of your order in the orders tab of your profile 





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