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The brand details page is a great way to learn about a brand and the products they sell. 

You can access a brand’s detail page a few different ways. Some of those ways include clicking on a brand name within the search results menu, clicking on a brand’s name from a product tile or clicking on the brand name from a product details page, just to name a few. 

If you do not already have access to a brand, you can request access from their brand details page (circled below).  You will then see the product line that brand carries.


From here, you can scroll to view the brand’s products and select filters to narrow your search. 



A multiline agency brand details page has a similar layout to a single line brand details page, but with the ability to shop by product or by brand represented by an agency.



The products tab will show all products from all brands. 




Once a relationship is established with a brand, a sales rep may be assigned to help you throughout your buying journey. If assigned, you can find their contact information at the top of the brands detail page. You will also find a brief bio about the company within their brand details page along with their contact information and social media links. 

Within the brand details page you can see the market that a brand may be exhibiting at, and on click, the associated market page will open in a new tab.  













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