Product Details: Action Icons Product Details: Action Icons

Product Details: Action Icons

The icons qa.junipermarket.com_products_10423_Uncle-Sam-Large_TJ2401_selected-agency_10423__1_.png located to the right of the Item ID and Item Name on the right portion of the product details screen allow for actions to be performed on this product. 

Note:  These actions will only be visible when you are signed in as an approved buyer on JuniperMarket.


sales rep details

Starting from left to right, the first icon is the sales rep details icon qa.junipermarket.com_products_10423_Uncle-Sam-Large_TJ2401_selected-agency_10423.png .  On click, a modal will be triggered to show you your assigned sales rep(s) by brand. 

Note:  If you click on the Sales Rep icon while viewing a product for a brand that you don't have access to, you will be asked to request access to the brand.




Moving to the right the next icon is the Favorites icon qa.junipermarket.com_products_10423_Uncle-Sam-Large_TJ2401_selected-agency_10423__2_.png.  Clicking on this icon will allow you to add this product to one or more of your favorites list(s).



sharing options

The icon at the far right is the Share icon  qa.junipermarket.com_products_10423_Uncle-Sam-Large_TJ2401_selected-agency_10423__3_.png  and on click, will reveal the option to email or print the product details.


The email product option will allow you to send the product details to your desired email recipient. You can add a personal message and choose whether you would like to include product pricing. 

Note:  Pricing will be emailed as it appears on the screen.




The second option to share is by print. Print product will allow you to print the product details or save it as a PDF file.



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