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All Brands, New Brands, My Brands



When choosing to shop by brand on the JuniperMarket site, you have the option to view All Brands, New brands, and My Brands. For each brand, you will see a brief description, amount of products, and their order minimums.  You will also notice for some brands, a lock next to the brand name. This indicates that the brand is gated and you have not yet requested access to shop their productsIf you are logged in, the brands shown will be curated for you based on your industry. You will notice that the brands are arranged in alphabetical order (A- Z) by default. There is a drop down in the upper right corner which allows you to change the sort order ( Z-A).




All Brands allows you to view a directory of all the brands currently available on JuniperMarket. At the top of the page, you will see this month's featured brands!  




New Brands is a directory of all the brands that have joined Juniper Market in the last 21 days.




My Brands is a directory of all the brands that you are associated with. Please note that you will not be shown any brands which are still pending. If you are not currently associated with any brands or are not an authenticated user , you will be shown a page similar to the one below with some information on brands and how to discover new ones. 




If you do have brands to which you are connected to, the my brands page will display tiles showcasing each brand’s details, including the sales rep details. Clicking on a brand's tile will take you to that brand’s detail page.  



The search bar at the top right of the page allows you to search each section( All Brands, New Brands, My Brands) for a specific brand using the brand's name. 







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