Leads Table Leads Table

The Leads Table presents all of the buyers that have requested access to your brand or brand(s). 
Using the left navigation bar, clicking Buyers you will land on the All Leads page. 

You will be presented the following columns of buyer data. They are defined as follows

  • BUYER NAME - the name of the buyer
  • EMAIL ADDRESS - the email of the buyer
  • CUSTOMER NAME - the buyer's company name
  • STATUS - the status of the lead...Accepted, Pending
  • LOCATION - the city of the buyer
  • REQUESTED ON - the date the buyer requested access on in the MM/DD/YYYY format

Filtering & Sorting

Status & Requested On columns can be filtered & sorted

Hovering near the Status or Requested On column titles, notice the following icons Screen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_1.20.26_PM.jpg
The filter icon allows you to filter the column by inserting any string of text...f
or example, Accepted

The arrow icon allows you to sort by descending (ABC) or ascending (CBA)

Accepting, Declining & Deleting Leads

While on the Leads Table, clicking the Buyer's Name will take you to the Lead Details page. At this time, you can review the lead details but if an action has yet to be take on this lead, you can accept, decline or delete the lead.
If an action has yet to be taken on a lead, notice at the top right, next to Buyer Info you have the opportunity to click Decline button, Accept button or the trash can icon



Clicking the Accept button, a modal will appear asking you to either....

Associate this Lead to an existing customer
Type the first few letters of the customers name, that Customer will appear in the list to be selected from your list of Customers in WebManager

Create a New Customer 
Once this radio button is selected, click the Next button. Then populate or verify all required fields. Click Save 




Clicking the Decline button will allow you to decline the request. A modal will appear giving you the opportunity to add a custom message to ensure the buyer understands fully why they were declined. After you have typed your custom message, click the Decline button to complete the process. 



Delete a Lead

You will notice a trash can icon. Clicking this icon a modal will appear confirming via a Yes or No answer that you want to delete this lead from your leads table.



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