Guide to Search on JuniperMarket  Guide to Search on JuniperMarket 

Guide to Search on JuniperMarket 

Introduction to Search on JuniperMarket: 
The JuniperMarket search engine will leverage best-in-class technology, including AI and machine learning applied to one of the most expansive database of quality wholesale brands and products in the industries we serve.  Our goal is to help buyers and sellers connect and grow their business year-round.  While the JuniperMarket search engine will continuously improve and become more effective over time, the search results are relevancy based and very much dependent on the quality of data and content we’re given by our buyers and sellers. 

For Buyers: 
Our search goal for JuniperMarket buyers is to deliver relevant and personalized results.  When a buyer enters a search term on JuniperMarket, our search algorithm looks for the most relevant matches.  By keeping their JuniperMarket profile complete and up to date, including industry, business info and product areas of interest, buyers will have a more relevant and personalized search results and a more robust sourcing experience on JuniperMarket.   
Once results are presented, buyers can sort and filter by a number of unique attributes.  These filters are specific to the search results.  For instance, a buyer searching the term “candles” will be presented with relevant results AND only the specific filters to the term “candles” shown in results.  

Unique to JuniperMarket is the ability for buyers to view and filter results by brand. Within the brands tab buyers can see a list of sellers with relevant filters that match their search terms. 

For Sellers: 
Our search goal for JuniperMarket sellers is to increase visibility and ranking based on relevance to what is searched by the buyer. Our search algorithm indexes the profile and product data and content of all sellers to deliver search results.  The search engine considers many data points or factors to determine ranking, and these factors are not equally weighted. For instance, exact matches between search terms and seller data are prioritized by the JuniperMarket search engine.  That said, many other factors are considered in the search ranking including: 

  • Product Name 
  • Product Description 
  • Item ID 
  • Categories 
  • Seller/Brand Name 

We are constantly improving how buyers shop JuniperMarket and look to continuously enhance and customize how we rank search results.  Details of our algorithm change regularly so that we can help buyers find what they're looking for.   

We have also provided a list of best practices below to help our sellers get the most of the JuniperMarket search capabilities and ultimately grow their business year-round: 

  1.  Product names should be clear and intuitive.  Buyers frequently search for products using common terms like “chair” or “candle.” Product names should say exactly what the product is and any unique characteristics that set it apart. Avoid using proprietary or complicated terms as well as item or SKU numbers in your product name.
  2. Include multiple product photos. Loading clear photos of your product from multiple angles, as well as including lifestyle and/or merchandized product images, will help set you apart from other sellers on JuniperMarket and help buyers fully understand your products and your brand.
  3. Provide rich and detailed descriptions to explain and differentiate your product. Writing one or more descriptive sentences about your products is not only valuable to search results, it helps buyers feel confident enough to ultimately to buy, merchandise and sell it to their customers.
  4. Assign multiple levels of JuniperMarket categories to your products.  Buyer searches often include category terms, and category filters are critical tools to help buyers narrow down to the specific items they need or want. Without categories, your products will appear in less results and will not be included in category filters.
  5. Refresh your products regularly. New buyers are constantly being added to JuniperMarket and existing buyers come back frequently to discover new brands and find new products. Keeping your assortment fresh helps you stand out and be discovered by buyer.
  6. Update your available inventory frequently.  Buyers on JuniperMarket prefer to work with sellers who are clear and transparent about available quantities and buyers often filter by what is in-stock as part of their search and discover process.
  7. Feature your complete product catalog. Buyers who search both within and across categories are more likely to discover and shop from sellers that showcase the breadth and depth of their offering.
  8. Check your buyer leads and orders frequently. Buyers prefer sellers who are responsive and customer service oriented.  Prompt response times and frequent communication throughout the order process makes all the difference on JuniperMarket.  



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