Juniper Market Seller Performance Standards Juniper Market Seller Performance Standards

Juniper Market Seller Performance Standards

In order for us to provide for our collective growth, we prioritize both a great seller experience as well as a compelling buying experience for those visiting our marketplace. To ensure we provide an exceptional experience for our buyers, we maintain a variety of metrics and potential resolutions when sellers don’t meet minimum performance standards on Juniper Marketplace. Exceptional performance may give you optimized visibility and higher product placement in search and browse.  Alternatively, we may take action to limit your account, lower your product placement in search and browse, or even temporarily suspend your participation if performance issues are identified and remain unresolved. Performance issues are issues which create unnecessary friction and/or a negative experience for buyers. Meeting our high-performance standards ensures your optimal performance on the platform and highest ROI.  

In summary, if your account doesn't meet our performance standards, we reserve the right to: 

  • Lower your products’ visibility on our site for some or all buyers 
  • Limit your ability to reach new buyers until issues are resolved 
  • Suspend your account indefinitely 

We regularly review the performance of all brands and notify you when issues arise with the goal of providing you with the opportunity to improve performance before the issue affects your ability to sell. Occasionally, accounts with very poor performance are immediately suspended. 

Areas we review for Standards of Performance: 

  • Order Acceptance: Timely order acknowledgement is a core component of Buyer satisfaction 
  • Shipping information updated: Timely update of shipping/tracking information is core to buyer satisfaction 
  • Accurate inventory: keeping in stock and inventory levels up to date is core to buyer satisfaction and order conversion 
  • Buyer Approvals: Timely responsiveness in approving or declining requests from Buyers 
  • Buyer/Seller Responsiveness: Communications sent or received between Buyers and Sellers should meet reasonable timelines for responsiveness. 
  • Product Completeness: Great images, descriptions, accurate weights and sizes are all key to optimizing the marketplace experience and buyer satisfaction 


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