How To Process Different Payment Methods For Orders How To Process Different Payment Methods For Orders

How To Process Different Payment Methods For Orders

JuniperMarket allows Buyers to place orders on terms, using a credit card and via JuniperCredit. 


For orders where the payment method is terms, it is your task as a Seller to reach out to the Buyer to establish a method of payment. 

The order has “Terms To Be Determined”, why is that? 

For buyers who have yet to be associated as a customer, the terms on the order may show as blank or “To Be Determined”. Once you have approved the order, you are given the opportunity to associate the Buyer to an existing customer or create a new customer and then establish terms. Every future order after establishing terms will now have the appropriate terms however this first order will remain “Terms: To be determined”.  

When creating an invoice for orders with Terms as payment method, you will have to manually mark the invoice as “Paid” once the Buyer has paid, to change the status.  

Please note, you must work with the buyer to figure out a method of payment even if that is outside of JuniperMarket.
For example, you could coordinate a check / money order or an electronic invoice through your accounting or payment processing software. 

Credit Cards 

JuniperMarket supports a variety of credit card processors. Once the invoice for the order is confirmed, the credit card processor authorizes and charges the credit card. The invoice will automatically be marked as paid when the payment is successful. For a full list of supported payment gateways, please see the list here.  


For orders where the payment method is JuniperCredit the payment will process accordingly.  

How fast does JuniperCredit pay us as a seller?  

During your JuniperCredit application as a Seller, you have the option to select whether you would like to receive guaranteed payment in 2 days or 30 days. 

How much does JuniperCredit cost to me as a seller? 

Current term offerings for JuniperCredit Sellers are either 

  • Offer Net 60 terms to Buyers and receive guaranteed Payment in 2 days = 4.5% fee 
  • Offer Net 60 terms to Buyers and receive guaranteed Payment in 30 days = 2.5% fee 

Both options offer the same Net 60 terms to Buyers on your purchases, but you have the option of when you would like to receive guaranteed payment. 

What are the basic qualifications for a buyer to be approved for JuniperCredit?  

Any approved and credentialed JuniperMarket buyer company can apply for JuniperCredit and we use several criteria in the approval process. Regardless, for orders using JuniperCredit, the Seller is guaranteed payment from JuniperCredit, according to selected terms; and similarly, the Buyer also pays JuniperCredit during the Net 60 day period. JuniperCredit also assumes all collection risk. 

Can you offer JuniperCredit to sales reps via Repzio? 

No, JuniperCredit is currently available only on JuniperMarket. 

What will display on an order if a buyer uses JuniperCredit?

Remember, JuniperCredit orders will only come from JuniperCredit approved buyers.



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