spring savings: FAQS spring savings: FAQS

spring savings: FAQS

How does the rebate work?

Any buyer who places an order with a Spring Savings participating vendor between March 21-April 21 is eligible to receive the 20% cashback rebate. A buyer can receive up to $2,000 on cumulative orders placed between March 21-April 21.

Cashback will be calculated and paid at time of order shipment, until the maximum of $2000 is reached.


When do I get my rebate?

The rebates will be delivered via Tremendous e-gift card and paid at the time of shipment. The e-gift card will be delivered to the buyer’s email associated with their JuniperMarket account.


How do I know which products are part of the promotion?

All products sold by participating brands qualify for the rebate. Participating brands are listed on www.junipermarket.com/springsavings and products are identified by a special Spring Savings symbol.


Do I need to do anything to claim my rebate?

No, we’ll take care of it! Simply place orders from the participating brands and we’ll email you with your earned rebate details. If you have questions, please reach out to buyerservices@junipermarket.com


The participating brands are offering Net 60 terms through JuniperCredit. What is that?

Qualified retailers and designers can receive a line of credit through JuniperCredit – allowing you to pay within 60 days of your product purchase. This way, you can hold onto your cash longer as you restock. Apply here to start using JuniperCredit.


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