How do I process an order on JuniperMarket? How do I process an order on JuniperMarket?

How do I process an order on JuniperMarket?

Log in to JuniperMarkert seller admin by going here:

 Once inside of your JuniperMarket Admin portal, using the left navigation bar, click Orders. 



 On the order page select order by clicking on the Order ID




Order Details

Once you have clicked the Order ID to view the order details, you will be presented the Order Details screen, which showcases Order Information and Shipping & Billing Information.  

 At the top right notice, the red Reject and green Accept buttons.  



How do I approve orders?

Once the order is accepted it is marked as approved. Only approved orders can have an invoice created for them.  Approved orders will appear on the All Orders Table.



A Note for Ungated Brands  

If you as a Seller has set themselves as ungated, meaning the toggle for “Buyer Access Requires Approval” under your Profile Settings is OFF, then when a new order is placed by a buyer that does not already have a relationship with you as a Seller, you will be prompted to either, create a new customer, or associate the buyer to a customer upon accepting the order. This is the exact same flow as accepting a lead, just with a different title.  


How do I split An Order?

When reviewing an order, there may be reasons to split an order because for example, items in the order that are not ready to be shipped or are out of stock. In any case, you have the option to “Split” items from an original order.  

 While on the Order Details screen, scroll down to Order Items. You will notice checkboxes near each order item. Select the order items you would like to split. Once selected, at the top right click “Split from Order” button. 



A modal will appear confirming the order items to be split. Click Split to complete the order splitting.



A notification will appear at the bottom right with a link to the newly created order.  


Once inside the new order, you will be presented with the Order Details screen of the new order.  

 At this time you can verify or update quantities, split the order again, and ultimately reject or accept the order by using the buttons at the top right.  


How do I update quantities for an order? 

You can update the quantities of items in an order by changing the number in the quantity column of the order details.




When you change the quantity, you will see an “Update” button. Clicking on the button will update the quantity, subtotal, and total for the order.  



How do I delete an item?

You can delete an item from an order by selecting the item in the checkbox in the left, and then clicking on the “trashcan” icon.  




How do I create an invoice for an order?

Once an order is accepted you can create an invoice by clicking the shipping tab, populating the shipping details and then at the bottom right clicking Create Invoice.


After clicking create an invoice you will be directed to the Invoice Preview Page.


Review the details before clicking confirm. Once confirmed a link to the invoice will appear on the All Orders table.

A Note on Credit Cards
Once the invoice for the order is confirmed, if a credit card was used, the credit card processor authorizes and charges the credit card. The invoice will automatically be marked as paid when the payment is successful. If the credit card payment failed, there will be a button to retry the payment again. If the payment continues to fail, please work with the buyer to establish another method of payment outside of JuniperMarket. 

At this time, you can log into your payment processor to review the payment that was 

How do I reject an order?

Clicking the red reject button will reject the order. The buyer will receive an email regarding the order you rejected. 

This is used if your inventory is depleted or the buyer is out of the territory. 

For information on how to cancel an order after accepting it go here.






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