How is JuniperMarket different from Amazon? How is JuniperMarket different from Amazon?

How is JuniperMarket different from Amazon?

Designed with You in Mind
JuniperMarket is the first and only digital marketplace designed with agencies, reps, and brands in mind. It’s designed to maintain and grow the direct connection between reps and buyers and is built to be inclusive to sales reps and truly additive and flexible for all.

For buyers, the integrated platform — including a single shopping cart split by brand, universal payment capabilities, access to JuniperCredit for Net 60 terms, shipping and tracking tools, and connections to sales representatives — facilitates shopping. Other functions include brand, product, and keyword searches and the ability to favorite items and “pin” them to sharable boards.

For sellers, the buyer pre-qualification process mirrors that of International Market Center's physical markets and maintains the platform’s wholesale integrity. Sellers also have the choice to qualify JuniperMarket buyers and set unique, buyer-specific wholesale pricing.


Do we integrate with Amazon?

JuniperMarket does not integrate with Amazon at this time. 

Can JuniperMarket products be sold on Amazon by third-party sellers?

No, not at this time. 


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