What documents do I need to show to prove I am a credentialed buyer? What documents do I need to show to prove I am a credentialed buyer?

What documents do I need to show to prove I am a credentialed buyer?

This article is intended to provide important information required for successful buyer registration. 

Document Requirements for JuniperMarket 

JuniperMarket is a wholesale marketplace – this means you must be a verified retail buyer or interior designer to shop. You may be required to provide business documents during registration to set up an account. We review the documents to ensure you meet the business requirements.  This is called credentialing. 

If you have attended an IMC Market in the past, you are automatically approved and credentialed for JuniperMarket.  

Why do we credential? 

We support the wholesale model – ensuring vendors sell to retailers and designers and not directly to consumers. To ensure only verified businesses purchase products on JuniperMarket, you must provide documentation so we can ensure you are a business. 

What documents are required to approve me as a buyer? 

You must provide ONE of the following: 

  • Copy of business card showing industry affiliation with company name, your name, mailing or business address, website, and telephone and/or email address
  • URL to a website that shows your name and affiliation to the company
  • Copy of Company ID with company name and registrant name listed
  • A recent pay stub 

 *Please note, letters of employment nor handwritten business cards will be accepted 

 Plus, one of the following: 

  • Copy of current retail business license showing company involved in the furniture, home décor, gift, or design industries (if the company name does not clearly show the connection to the industry, please include a separate letter on company letterhead explaining industry affiliation or your purpose for attending the show as a buyer)
  • Copy of interior designer license or certification
  • Copy of architectural license
  • Copies of two (2) invoices from the last six months, showing large volume purchases in the furniture, home décor, gift, or design industries. Purchase amounts and sellers’ names must be clearly legible on the copies as well as your name and company name on each page. 

* Note – We will reach out to you if we need any additional credentials to approve your account.

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