How do I Split An Order? How do I Split An Order?

How do I Split An Order?

When reviewing an order, there may be reasons to split an order because items in the order are not ready to be shipped or are out of stock. In any case, you have the option to “Split” items from the original order.  

While on the Order Details screen, scroll down to the order items. You will notice checkboxes near each order item. Select the order items you would like to split. Once selected, at the top right click “Split from Order” button. 



A modal will appear confirming the order items to be split. Click Split to complete the order splitting.



A notification will appear at the bottom right with a link to the newly created order.  


Once inside the new order, you will be presented with the order details screen of the new order.  

At this time you can verify or update quantities, split the order again, and ultimately reject or accept the order by using the buttons at the top right.  


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