how do i accept credit cards as payment on junipermarket? how do i set up a payment processor with junipermarket? how do i accept credit cards as payment on junipermarket? how do i set up a payment processor with junipermarket?

how do i accept credit cards as payment on junipermarket? how do i set up a payment processor with junipermarket?

Why Should I Setup A Payment Processor To Accept Credit Cards?

Accepting credit cards as a payment option for businesses is essential for growth in today's ever-changing environment. Credit card payments are the preferred payment method over more conventional ones such as invoicing a customer or even cash payments. In a 2020 study by the Federal Reserve, 27% of consumers opted to pay via a credit card with that percentage continually on the rise. 

Payment processing for both credit cards and invoicing has pros and cons. While we won't go into great detail about invoicing customers within this article, it's important to understand some of the pros and cons of each to better help you determine what is best for your business's needs.

Pros of Credit Card Payments Cons of Credit Card Payments
  • Access to funds sooner
  • The display of credit card logos helps increase a business's legitimacy
  • Boost sales with buyer access to greater capital/purchasing power
  • Level playing field with competitors
  • Avoid bounced checks or customers forgetting to pay invoices
  • Avoid delinquent buyers or buyers that refuse to pay for products and/or services
  • Avoid charge disputes as manual invoicing tends to be prone to more errors than credit processing
  • Avoid invoices getting lost in the mail and fees related to mailing invoices
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Credit card fees (fees vary depending upon the credit card company)
  • No grace period on payments
  • Chargebacks/fraud/credit card theft

When you accept credit card payments on, the credit card logos are automatically added to your brand's page. What does it look like? Great question...⬇


Unsure what payment processors Juniper works with or is new to payment processing? No worries, we've got you covered. See below. If you already have a payment processor setup, skip the line, but only this one time!

Juniper connects with a variety of payment processing providers and gateways with more to come. Click the link below to learn more about each provider.

Whew! If you have a payment processor not listed above, send us an email and we can look into it for you and possibly get them set up in the future.

Important Note: If you are not yet set up with a payment provider/gateway, it's important to do your research to better understand their services/fees/payout timelines, etc. Payment providers/gateways are a third-party and require additional setup separate from Juniper. Any questions specific to a payment provider/gateway should be directed to that third-party provider.

How Do I Setup My Payment Processor For JuniperMarket?

Head over to WebManager > Accept Payments > Settings to get started. Remember, WebManager is the backend "hub" of our operation where some of your admin functions live. Setting requirements vary dependent upon the provider selected. Once you select your payment provider, the menu options may change. The proper information for your provider is required for successful functionality.


Regardless of which payment processor you select, there are a few settings that should be enabled/considered.

  1. Toggle on "Credit Card Payments" - this setting is necessary to complete steps 2-3 below.
  2. Tick the credit cards that your company accepts. Credit cards left unchecked will not be accepted.
  3. Optional: Tick "Accept Payments Only From Country"
    • Enabling this feature will limit credit card payments to the selected countries. If left unchecked, you will be able to accept credit cards from ALL countries.
    • Your payment processor may permit/prohibit additional settings to allow or restrict additional countries.

About Payment Profiles

Within the Payment Profiles section, you can review payment profiles on file. Head over to WebManager > Accept Payments > Payment Profiles to review. Note: No information will be visible until payment profiles have been created and some information is restricted for the security of information and to adhere to PCI Compliance.

In this section, you'll be able to edit credit card details such as expiration month and year as well as the CVV2 number. You can also search for a customer's credit card on file and/or delete credit cards on file.


Now that you have your payment processor set up, you are on your way to getting your first order and growing your business.

Happy selling from all of us at JuniperCommerce.








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