Getting Started With Your FIS (Formerly WorldPay) Merchant Account Getting Started With Your FIS (Formerly WorldPay) Merchant Account

Getting Started With Your FIS (Formerly WorldPay) Merchant Account

While you are in the process of working with your representative from Juniper, you will be directed to complete the following steps in order to implement your merchant account settings with our Juniper platform through our FIS (formerly WorldPay) payment processing solution.

Note: If you are considering using FIS (WorldPay) as your payment provider/processor and have yet to get started,  please work with a Juniper representative first by requesting the initial setup and avoid contacting FIS (WorldPay) directly.


FIS (WorldPay) Payments: Merchant Registration Form

1. Please use the link provided by Juniper to register and connect to your FIS (WorldPay) merchant account for payment processing: Registration Form

  • Make sure you fill out the information form accurately for your business as this will be used on your Merchant Processing Agreement with FIS (WorldPay).                                                             
  • Please only fill this out one time and make sure you "Submit".  
  • You will be assigned a sales executive from FIS (Worldpay) after the registration is submitted. They will reach out to help complete the application and will be available from there to answer any questions you may have. Their email will come from 

FIS (WorldPay) Getting Started

2. Once your FIS (WorldPay) contract is reviewed between you and your sales executive, then completed- you will receive Welcome Emails from the following:

Connecting Your FIS (WorldPay) Integration With Juniper

1. To use the payment integration with FIS (WorldPay) you will need to obtain your API Credentials from your iQ Merchant Portal.

  • Navigate to the Self Service tool
  • At the top, ensure Hierarchy Level is set to Merchant 
  • Click the Processing Credentials tab in the middle of that screen
  • Your processing credentials will display: AccountID AcceptorID and Token

2. Next, please contact your representative with Juniper and request to have Universal Token Service enabled for credit card processing. If you cannot get in contact with your representative or onboarding specialist, please Contact Support to request this.

3. Once the Universal Token Service has been enabled by Juniper, open your Web Manager

  • Navigate to the Accept Payments tab on the bottom left
  • Click Settings
  • In the Payment Provider dropdown, select WorldPay/Vantiv
  • Toggle on Credit Card Payments and select your Cards Accepted
  • Enter your Processing Credentials: AccountID AcceptorID and Token from your FIS (WorldPay) iQ portal
  • Hit Save Payment Settings

You are now ready to accept credit cards on Juniper Market with your FIS (WorldPay) merchant processing account!


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