How to Setup Default Terms? How to Setup Default Terms?

How to Setup Default Terms?

This article will show how to set up default terms in Seller Admin.

If Terms is something that will be offered for JuniperMarket, then the selection of a “Default” term is required. The chosen default term will display for new buyers who do not have a customer record.

For Buyers that already have a customer record with a Seller, the terms assigned to them will display during checkout.

Log in to Seller Admin (JuniperMarket Admin) using the left navigation bar, select Settings and then the Payment tab. Notice "Terms" and click the > to showcase the full settings.


 From here, toggle on terms if it is offered. 



From the drop-down, select which terms will be offered on JuniperMarket. 


The options listed in the drop-down are the same ones in WebManager under Text Input > Terms.



After making a selection, for example Net30, the selection will appear at checkout on JuniperMarket for all new buyers.











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