Active Buyers Table Active Buyers Table

The Active tab under buyers showcases a table of all your approved customers and the corresponding buyers for each customer. A customer can have multiple active buyers associated to it. 

For example, customer "The Sea Shell Store" can the owner's assistant as an active buyer and the actual store owner as an active buyer associated to it. 

Viewing Customer Info

1. Once inside of Seller Admin, notice on the left Buyers and then click the Active tab...

2. A table will appear with all active Customers

3. Click the Customer Name to see the Customer Info pane

Reviewing Sales Rep

On customer info pane, hover over the i icon next to Sales Rep, then click view and copy sales rep information.


Moving Buyers From One Active Customer To Another

Using the checkboxes next to each buyer, you can move a buyer to another customer by selecting that checkbox, click the black Move button and then following the prompt to complete the move process to a current customer or create a new one.


Viewing Active Buyer Details

From this same Customer Info pane, click any of the Buyer Names to view that Buyer's details. From here you call view all buyer details including a nice map of the buyer's location as well as the sales rep assigned to this buyer.



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